Real domesticated reptile

Real reptile.
Addicted to it.
Dark, powerful, alluring.

Enjoying the last scene of Zabriskie Point.
The wonderful explosion.

It 's been too long I have satisfied my inner need to keep this reptile.
Until recently.
It's time to move on.
Leave me in peace.
Go now in peace, too.
Thank you for being in my life when I needed you.
I don't need you anymore.
You may go in peace.
You played your role.
I set you free.
Go rest yourself.
I have another path to explore now.
I explored yours.
With every joy and pain.
Until it was too obvious I don't like myself in your path anymore.

If you want to stay with me, don't be destructive.
Be dark, alluring, powerful, but not destructive.
We may agree.
I will allow you to be dark, alluring and powerful.
I like you like this.
I will love you and take care of you.
But you must not be destructive.
I want to see that you care for me too.
You need to be trusted.
And domesticated.
Can you?
You can.
This is why you are so powerful.

Few days ago, I saw  a dream.
I was calling my mother and my father to get rid of a girl.
Crying girl that was coming in my life uninvited.
Getting in my home through windows and doors,
although I was running to shut them.
She was always in front of me.
Begging like a scary ghost for my attention.

Now I know she just needed a hug and some time to realize there is nothing she needs to beg for.

(Life is so adventurous.
In each corner you can find something to discover.
To set goals.
To move forward.
To burn and get burnt.

As long as we take a deep breath and dive.
This is what real reptiles do.
Real domesticated reptiles.
I can be one.)

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