The chronicle of a renormalisation, part 3

I try to satisfy my needs.
Most of them.
What I miss is the dogs.
I started loving them.
But they disappeared.
It is too early.
Neglected again or passed?
I meditated to find them.
Instead, I found a hurried mind trapped in a motionless body.
Like a fly in a closed dark room before it dies.
Then peace came.
Still no dogs.
I must find them again.
So much to learn.

In the meanwhile...
I read.
I see.
I know.
You know.
We know.
All things not shared but shared.
Honored by attention.
A caring echo.
I still care.
You still care.
We still care.
It is still me.
It is still you.
We are who we used to be.

Imagination vs reality.
Nights before I sleep.
Where do I return back to.

I am not who I am now?

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