Stay mentality

I need to let myself to the dogs.
Rabid dogs.
I can see them surrounding me.
I own these dogs.
Neglected for long.
I know their origin.
My imagination.
My beloved one.
So cruel.
I couldn't tell the difference.
Reality vs. imagination.
I need to learn that, too.
And be fair with reality.
My reality.

Sometimes scared.
Sometimes excited.
For this experiment with myself.
The road to progression.

And then I will say that I gained one more thing.
Because of that common experiment.
I will speak.
Not now.
I am chased and I have to stay.
I committed to myself that this will be the year of commitments.
I must commit to stay among these imaginary dogs.
And my reality.

On the more real side of life,
I realize I cannot maintain negative feelings for long.
My personal need for release makes me understand people.
And like them in their reality.
And sometimes love them.
Even when it is difficult.

I also realize why sometimes I don't accept their reality,
It is because I don't let myself to the dogs.
Reality vs imagination.
One word, cherophobia?
Or a predetermined chased mentality?

I saw a movie:
Hemingway and Gellhorn.
Love is infinitely more durable than hate, he wrote to her.
He hated her when loving her
An inspiring woman.
A strong woman.
She was clear with her reality.

At the end of the day I keep the appreciated aspect in others.
And what about myself?
Just keep progressing.
These dogs might help.

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