Britishly drunken

My mind is confused.

Rooms I sleep and wake up.
Business and casual clothes.
Luggage and wardrobes.
Winter and summer clothes.
Winter and summer season.
Hate for my trip or my home?
Love for my trip or my home?
Time zones I live and think of.
Preference for acquaintances or friends?
Preference for new or old stories?
Still away or back?

I am in a mess.
Britishly drunken.
Still in between.
My transitions.
Thus painful.

Britishly drunken.
Drunken trains, people, landscapes, light.
Relaxing, simple, outgoing, melancholic, long, sarcastic, polite and childish.
My heart drunken as well.

Music has just spread in my home.
I have just stopped hating being back.
I have just thanked Britain for the experience.
Besides, a new trip has been set as goal.

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