Failed scenario

Midnight walking in the city centre.
Grabbed a posna pizza feeling like at home.
Cut it into two.
One piece for now, the other for tomorrow.
A vivid young man passed me and walked towards a small park.
Meeting his girlfriend, I guessed.
I photographically followed him.
He headed towards some waste bins.
Picking up empty pizza boxes.
For food.
"Hey! Please have this", I gave him the second piece.
He took it.
Then, he asked me for 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 dinars.
0,8 cent of a euro.
Counting in English.
I refused.
He thanked me.
I smiled and left.
Behind me I heared a voice.
"You are mother Maria!"
"No, I am not."
I turned to see him.
He was leaving the park.

No, I am not.
I just wanted to take the beauty away from the garbage.
For the sake of my failed scenario.

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